Motivation and Bees

Going through a some downtime when it comes to glass.  Haven't been on the torch in months BUT have cleaned the studio which was desperately out of order.  And I have at least looked at glass websites.  Have ideas, just no motivation.  In an effort to motivate myself, I signed up for a class on working with boro glass tubing at the West Michigan Glass Art Center this month.  And am going to the Soft Glass Invitational in May with Ricky which should be fun.  A couple gallons of sangria will assure that it will be fun!

Ricky's Christmas present to me was a top bar bee hive.  I have always wanted to be a beekeeper.  Now that colony collapse disorder has become so prevalent and devastating to our pollinators, I finally have taken the steps.   Ordered the bees from Wolk Creek Apiaries.  They were SO helpful, lots of advice.  The bees should come in the end of April.  Now thinking about what plants to add to our yard to keep a hive of bees happy.   Bees are magical insects that do incredible things. I'm excited!

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